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The Foundation for Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Harmony provides grants to assist worthy organizations and groups whose operations are in conformity with the mission of the Foundation. The Foundation at this time will accept grant proposals in the range of $200-$1,500, with an average grant size of $500-$750.

Grant Review Committee:
Harmony Foundation Board

Grant Mission

To facilitate learning, interaction, understanding and respect across racial, ethnic and religious dimensions within the Newton community, with the purpose of furthering the recognition of our diversity as a continuing and increasing source of community strength.

Grant Guidelines:

Each grant is considered on its own merits. The following guidelines are used as a reference:

The Foundation will consider requests made by applicants on behalf of organizations/programs primarily located in Newton with consideration given to applicants from surrounding areas when project will serve the community of Newton.

Eligibility Criteria:

• The organization must be located in Newton or serve the Newton Community.

If the organization is a recognized 501(c)(3), it must be in good standing with the IRS.

• The organization must be willing to provide Harmony Foundation with statistics regarding the number of individuals aided by the grant money and, when possible, provide the Foundation with anecdotal stories.

• Within one year of the grant period, the organization must be willing to provide Harmony Foundation with a full account of grant money usage.

Please fill out ALL sections of this form.




•  a list of names of the members of the project coordinator(s) and requesting organization’s development and leadership team, please include titles

•  a copy of the proposed budget for the project for which applying (Excel Document)

After completion of the funded project, recipients are required to submit a report including; attendance, achievement of goals, specific use of Foundation funds, follow up and any other pertinent information. Include any news articles, social media posts, press, videos and/or photos from the project. The report should be received within 3 months of the completion of the year in which the Foundation funds were used for the project.

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